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My yoga business experience

I would like to share with you, my nine months of having my own yoga business. 

An incredible journey of exploration, experimenting and learnings. 


Many years ago, when I walked the historical streets of Baden, I felt in love with the vibes and thought one day I will teach in the soul of Baden. After a pandemic, CrossFit coaching, and a knee surgery later, I finally decided it was time to rent my own yoga studio. I went to Namaste Yoga Baden, and met Beate. We directly went along, I love her energy, vibe and kindness. After 30 minutes, I decided I will rent the space and, as well as becoming one of her substitute teachers.


I knew opening my yoga studio will come with challenges, but sometimes it is better to not overthinking and take the chance to learn and experience hands-on. I was very excited! I did not start with a business plan, marketing plan or branding as it would be meaningful and more rational when starting a business. I just took a leap of faith, as I knew, I had to jump over my own fears and just do it Hence, I started my teaching yoga with my heart instead with the mind.


My aim was to teach and share my passion, and let students discover the beauty of practicing yoga, connecting with one's mind, body and spirit with the help of movement, breath and meditation.

Yoga is impactful and powerful.


Over the months, I explore my teaching with different style, 1-1 teaching, small and big group of students, subbing other yoga teachers, observing how teaching the same class to different group of students can create different reactions from the students, etc.

These experiences are priceless.

I adjusted my scheduled, adding some additional hours to see if I could acquire more students, as well as offering additional classes and yoga styles to my existing students. My aim was to have an attractive offer and schedule. I wanted to be successful. However, sometimes "daily" life catches up, and it did throw me out of balances. Nevertheless, I learned

   try, learn, adjust.

Adjusting my schedule, and reducing the amount of teaching hours, had been for me a tough decision. I do not want that my students have the impression that I give up on them. However, I cannot control their reactions.

C'est la vie 


At the end of the day, as much as I am passionate about teaching, I have to break even and having a successful business. Hence, if you would like to start your own business, here a few takes away from my experience:


- Listen to yourself and take excellent care of yourself.

- You cannot give more than what you have.

- Create opportunities, you will gain insight and experiences

- Learn and reflect on your business and teaching learnings.

- What did work, did not work, and how can you make it better?

- Plan your class, even if during the class you might not teach half of it.

- Keep a journal, write down how was the class, how did you feel before and after the class, etc.

- Clear scope of what you want to share and focus on while teaching.

- Start small, one class per week – less is more.

- No need to acquire an elaborated online booking system – costly and hidden fees.

- Teach even if only one student sign up. 

- Sub other yoga teachers.

- Do not doubt about yourself, keep kind to yourself

- Make yourself visible.

- Everything takes times and have faith.

- Have fun.

- Be true to yourself.

reflect, learn, move forward and respect yourself


I am not saying I have it all figured out, I have been challenged, did put myself under unnecessary pressure. I am happy to share more with you so, just drop a line


Lots of love and light,



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