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Yoga Team

Classes & Schedule

Embark on the beautiful journey of self-discovery with practicing yoga to build strength, improve flexibility and balance, support joint health, ease and prevent back pain, breath better, foster mental calmness, increase self-confidence, improve sleep, boost heart health and much more.

Friday 7:00-8:00

Breathwork & Gentle Flow

online on demand

The power of breathwork (pranayama practice) and gentle yoga poses are combine for awakening your energy flow, release stress and tension in your body and mind. 

Breath is everything as it is a reflection on how you feel in your body and mind. In this class, I guide you with breathing practice, awaken you awareness about it. The gentle flow are inspired tantra yoga and hata yoga


Wednesday 19:15-20:15

Power Flow & Relaxation

Experience the perfect balance of strength and calmness. I will guide you through dynamic and energizing flows, incorporating strength-building poses. Then, unwind and find your inner peace with a relaxing and restorative by staying longer into yoga poses. 

The power flow I teach has many influences from ashtanga, vinyasa, and animal flow. In regard to the relaxation part, I include yin yoga, iyengar yoga, restorative yoga.

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