Your yoga 

Your practice

There is not one yoga but a variety of styles. Perfect for fitting your needs!

There is not need to be spiritual to practice yoga. Some of you might seek physical activity, while others a deep relaxation and quiet mind.

A regular yoga practice is beneficial for balancing and harmonising your body, mind and emotions. You will gain balance, regulation of your hormones, bones alignment, strength, flexibility and boost your immune system. 

Below a guide on the different yoga styles available at Le Petit Studio Nomade.

Be curious, 
experience different yoga.

Yoga aims at bringing the different bodily functions into perfect coordination so that they work for the good of the whole body.

"Integration and harmony between thought, feeling and deed, between the head, heart and hand"

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Ashtanga Yoga - Inspired Half Primary Series
  • Style: Physical and meditative

  • Level: All 

  • Recommendation: You want to move and build strength, while gaining flexibility 

  • Description: Is a given sequence of asanas, with this practice your will build strength and overtime fall into a meditative state as the sequence is always the same

Beginner Yoga
  • Style: Slow, medium pace

  • Level: Beginner

  • Recommendation: You are new to yoga and do feel not quiet ready to join a class all levels 

  • Description: Understanding the meaning of asana by developing awareness of the body’s movements and the subtle effects they have at the various levels of being. The use of belt, blanket or blocks will support you in your yoga practice. Great foundation for laying a firm foundation for the perfection of yogic asana

Mom & Baby Yoga (On demand)
  • Style: gentle and creative

  • Recommendation: A postnatal caring practice

  • Level: All levels

  • Description: A gentle, creative and fun yoga practice  where your personal and your baby needs are taking by cherishing a special moment together

Morning Flow 
  • Style: Gentle to dynamic flows

  • Level: All 

  • Recommendation:  Preparing yourself for the day

  • Description: Greeting the day and setting your intentions as how you start your day, it will set the tone and melody of it.

Pawanmuktasana Series
  • Style:  slow and gentle

  • Level: All 

  • Recommendation: healthy routine for alignment of your body and mind

  • Description: Remove any blockages preventing the free flow of energy in the body and mind (pawan = wind or prana, mukta release, asana = pose). Regular practice promotes total health, regulating and stabilising the flow of energy throughout the body. It has a very profound effect on the human body and mind, tool for the yogic management of various disorders and maintenance.  

    • Realise tensions from the joints of the body

    • Excellent for rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure.

    • Strengthening the digestive system

    • Ease in case of indigestion, constipation, bloating and gas, lack of appetite, diabetes, disorders of the reproductive system and varicose veins

    • Improve endocrine function

    • Reduce stiff back

    • Menstrual problem, toning the pelvic organs and muscles.

Pregnancy Yoga (On demand)
  • Style: Gentle and soft

  • Level: All 

  • Recommendation: continue a yoga practice while being pregnant

  • Description: Nurturing and celebrating your journey of becoming mother and connecting with your baby

Private Yoga (On demand)
  • Style: of your choice

  • Level: All 

  • Recommendation: You can a private practice of yoga based on your needs

  • Description: Yoga is a beautiful practice allowing you to care of yourself wherever you are and can be adjusted to your needs. We will define together, which practice of yoga will best suits you from asanas. For example:

  • you want to have a private practice by deepen your understanding about the asana and yoga or having the proper alignment for your body

  • you want to focus on your breathing technics and raise your energy level

  • you have burnout symptoms and want to take extra care of yourself

  • you have some physical limitations, which require alternative in your practice of yoga​

Traditional Tantra Yoga
  • Style: Slow and meditative

  • Level: All

  • Recommendation: Deep relaxation and meditative state

  • Description: A given a set of sequences practice with the eyes closed and holding the asanas for a certain period of time. Thus, allowing you to obtain a meditative and deep state of relaxation, being connect in the now and tuning within yourself without any distractions from the outside world. Tantra is the way to attain freedom from the bondage of the world while still living in it - to become your point of reference in this world by genuinely knowing who you truly are.

Yoga Nidra
  • Style: Meditation

  • Level: All

  • Recommendation: Be relaxed and energized 

  • Description: 30 minutes of yoga practice followed by 30 minutes of yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra. is a systematic method of inducing complete mental, emotional and physical relaxation  in stress management and therapy for harmonizing deeper unconscious and awaken inner potential, and as a meditative technique 

Vinyasa Yoga
  • Style: Physical and dynamic 

  • Level: All 

  • Recommendation: You want to move, build strength, flexibility and sweat

  • Description: It is a dynamic yoga where you will flow from one asana to the other.