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Trial 1  block 60 - 1 x 60 minutes, CHF 15.-​

1 block 60 - 1 x 60 minutes, CHF 25.

10 blocks 60 - 10 x 60 minutesCHF 250.-


Experience the transformational power of yoga today! I offer a trial class that's perfect for all levels or anyone looking to try a new studio. My 10 times yoga classes membership is great for those who want to incorporate yoga into their weekly routine, while my unlimited memberships gives you the freedom to practice as often as you like. Start your yoga journey with me today!

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Trial Class

If you are new to yoga and want to try it out before committing, sign up for our Trial Yoga Class.

This one-time class purchase gives you a chance to experience the benefits of yoga and see if it's for you. Make sure to use your class within a month of purchase, and feel free to reach out to our instructors if you have any questions.

CHF 15.-

Valid for 1 week after purchase

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10 Lessons Membership

Take advantage of this amazing offer and start your journey towards inner peace and physical wellbeing with our 10-lesson membership package. You have the flexibility to choose when you want to sign up, and you can attend up to three classes per week. With a validity period of four months from the date of purchase, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga at your own pace. Don't wait, sign up for our 10-lesson package today.


Unlimited Memberships

Experience the benefits of unlimited yoga sessions with our Unlimited Membership. For a monthly fee, sign up for as many classes as you want with no limit.

Want to commit to a longer-term practice? Consider our 3-month unlimited membership, which also includes a discounted fee.

Both memberships are valid for the duration of your membership and from the date of purchase. Sign up now and let's start your journey towards physical and mental wellness!

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