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Patricia is a 500+ hours certified yoga teacher in hatha, traditional tantra and pregnancy yoga. She had the wonderful opportunities to practice and pursue further her educations in India, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and UK.

For many years, she had been a Crossfit and weightlifting coach. Hence, sharpened her eyes for body alignment, offering variation based on personal needs and level of yoga practice.


She loves to explore and discover our world by remaining open and kind. With the same attitude and aptitude, she teaches either in English, French or German, and shares her knowledge about yoga as a wonderful holistic practice for self-discovery. 


Curious from nature, she currently studies Ayurveda to become an ayurvedic nutritionist as all is interconnected for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

  • Certified yoga teacher in hatha yoga, traditional tantra yoga, pregnancy yoga totaling 580 hours of training

  • Certified: CrossFit trainer level 2 & Weightlifting Level 2

  • Reiki Level 1

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