By travelling and experiencing the world, I discover myself. I practised  and pursued further educations in India, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and UK.

I have a strong passion for yoga and crossFit. They might seem very different from each other. However, what is be perceived, might not be what it is. Both of my passions bring me to be fully present - here & now - tune in my body and breathing. with focus and determination.  Through my passions I found my purpose - to teach & coach and make you realise how amazing is your body and mind and what they are capable of. I am here to coach, empower and inspire you on your personal journey with my energy and own experiences.  

At different stages in life, we have different needs. I offer a holistic approach from yoga, functional training, motivational/intuitive coaching to walking massage involving body tensions release. 

  • Certified yoga teacher in  hatha yoga, traditional tantra yoga, pregnancy yoga totalling 580 hours of training

  • Certified: Level 2 trainer & Weightlifting Level 2

  • Reiki Level 1



I teach my classes in different languages - EN for English, FR for French and DE for German. 


Directly from the schedule, click a class and reserve your spot by clicking on "join now" or click on "book now". If you do not yet buy any abo, do not worry just follow the steps on the screen and you will be all set for your class. 



I have just what you need...


No hassle to come to Le Petit Studio Nomade, neither to rush in the traffic, to find a parking space nor stress for catching your public transportation connection. Time is precious, cannot be replaced and I want you to have the most pleasant experience with Le Petit Studio Nomade as most of our classes are online.

Anywhere you can take time for yourself at home, in the park, during your holidays or business trip.Additionally, I offer private yoga and coaching in class or at your place.


  • 1 x 60 minutes: CHF 18.-

  • 10  x 60 minutes: CHF 150.- 

  • 20 x 60 minutes: CHF 240.- 


  • Online

    • 1 x 60 minutes: CHF 100.-  

    • 5 x 60 minutes CHF 450.-  

    • 10 x 60 minutes:  CHF 950.- 

  • At the Studio/ your place​

    • 1 x 60 minutes:  CHF 120.-  per hour 

    •  At your place, additional costs of CHF 0.70 per Km


  • Online**

    • 1 x 60 minutes starting price* CHF 100.- 

  • At the Studio/ your place*

    • 1 x 60 minutes starting price* CHF 120.- 

  • Intuitive/motivational coaching CHF 80.- 60 minutes

  • Walking Massage 1 x 30 minutes: CHF 40.-

* price for maximum 2 persons for additional participants to price to be discussed 

** for additional coaching sessions price will depend on if it includes warm-up, stretching, self-training programming, and amount of training per week



Wettingen - Switzerland

patricia@lepetitstudionomade.ch  |  Tel: +41 (0) 79 917 46 54

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