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I am Patricia Linder, a 500+ hours certified yoga teacher in hatha yoga, traditional tantra yoga & pregnancy yoga. Furthermore, I am ex Crossfit and weightlifting coach, an ashtanga practitioner and ayurvedic nutritionist in becoming.I had the wonderful opportunities to practice  and pursue further educations in India, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and UK.

I love to explore and discover our world by remaining open and kind. With the same attitude and aptitude, I teach and share my knowledge about yoga as a wonderful holistic practice of self-discovery for connecting with one's body, mind and soul  "Here and Now" from power/gentle flow, breathwork, mantra sining to yoga Nidra.

Moreover, I do have a keen eye for body alignment and offer asana's variation "Your body, your yoga". Hence, my classes are accessible to any level of yoga practice. Additionally, I teach in English, French and German as languages are beautiful bridges for connecting with the world.

I close my eyes to old end. And open my heart to new beginnings

- Nick Frederickson


  • Certified yoga teacher in  hatha yoga, traditional tantra yoga, pregnancy yoga totalling 580 hours of training

  • Certified: Level 2 trainer & Weightlifting Level 2

  • Reiki Level 1


Schedule & Classes

Class starting from April 7th 2023, you can either at Kronengasse 20f, Baden or online. The studio opens 15 minutes before and closes 15 minutes after the class and the online session shortly after.  

To sign up for a class, register on eversports, under schedule choose your class.

Agarbatti Incense
Breathwork &
Gentle flow

Friday: 7:00-8:00

Duration: 60 minutes

Languages: EN + FR

focuses on breathwork practice, which has a profound effect on your body and mind by increasing your free flow of energy.

As well as gentle body movements and slow flows connecting your breath, movement, and poses together. Hence, improving mindfulness, flexibility, balance and strength.

God Idol
Power Flow

Friday: 10:30-11:30

Duration: 60 minutes

Languages: EN + FR

is composed of beautiful and flowing patterns of motion and energy inspired by ashtanga and vinyasa.


Allowing to connect deeper within one's body and mind by relying on synchronized breathing with each movement.

Marigolds and Colorful Bells
Yoga Fusion

Friday: 16:30-18:00

Duration: 90 minutes

Languages: EN + FR

is a fusion of different yoga styles and traditions including mantra and yoga nidra.

Involving either flowing or staying longer into a pose (asana) by building strength, flexibility and resilience for the mind and body. 

Be ready to undertake a wonderful yogic journey


Price & Membership

10 Blocks 60

10 blocks 60 minutes membership is eligible for the breath work & gentle flow, and power flow classes

250.- CHF valid 4 Months

10 Blocks 90

  • 10 blocks 90 minutes membership is eligible for fusion yoga classes

  • 340 CHF valid 4 months


Trial Block

  • are available for the different duration of a class from 1-3 blocks 60, 1-3 blocks 90, or 1 block 60 and 1 block 90. The trial blocks are not cumulative.

  • Starting price 15 CHF.



Thanks for submitting!  I will answer you as soon as possible

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