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Welcome to le petit studio nomade

I teach yoga as I truly believe we are all on a journey of self-discovery and oneness with our inner and outer universe. Yoga is a wonderful way to explore our physical, mental, and spiritual selves on the yoga mat, and to be applied in our daily life. 


I am a certified and experienced yoga teacher. I blend different yoga's styles and have a particular interest in body alignment and on how to deepen the asana's experience.  

See you soon on the mat,


My yogic journey

Yoga has been a transformative experience for me.


It all started during a difficult time in my life when I was looking for a way to stay active and relieve stress. What began as a simple exercise routine soon turned into a lifelong passion and a deep spiritual journey.

I have begun my journey as a certified yoga teacher in 2016  in Hatha yoga. Since, I continue my path by learning yogic philosophies, different yoga styles: pregnancy yoga, tantra yoga, and deepening my own practice in ashtanga and iyengar yoga.


Through yoga, I have learned to reconnect with nature and animals, and appreciate the beauty of the world around me. More importantly, yoga has helped me reconnect with myself and explore my inner self.


Every time I step onto the mat, it’s a new adventure and a journey of self-discovery from the mind, body, and heart. I have learned to listen to my body, be mindful of my thoughts, and cultivate a sense of inner peace and harmony.


Yoga has truly transformed my life, and I hope to share this experience with others.

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